Below you will find the list of contracts awarded to consulting firms for services of an intellectual nature and of an advisory nature, contracted with Operations Executed by the Bank.

Selection # Operation Consultancy Firm Name Firm Nationality Sort descending Currency Amount Signature Date
RG-T3410-P001 Regional Consultoría para el desarrollo de inteligencia y evento innovación Isle Utilities UNITED KINGDOM USD 38000.00
PR-T1194-P001 Paraguay Consultoría para la Adecuación a las Mejoras Prácticas Internacionales de Estructuración como Banca PricewaterhouseCoopers UNITED KINGDOM USD 260000
NI-T1249-P001 Nicaragua Consultoría para la realización de taller sobre las metodologías de las ciencias del comportamiento The Behavioural Insights Team UNITED KINGDOM USD 14954
BA-T1056-P004 Barbados Design and Delivery of Mediation Training for Panel Development in ADR Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution UNITED KINGDOM USD 74220.00
RG-T2713-P001-T003 Regional Task Order 3 - Chile: Estrategia Financiera para cumplimiento de la NDC ENERGEIA UNITED KINGDOM USD 182700
RG-T2734-P001 Regional Development of a report and a virtual course on ICT, environment and climate change GSMA UNITED KINGDOM USD 40000
RG-T3338-P001 Regional Market Research for Diversification of Caribbean Tourism Experience Euromonitor International UNITED KINGDOM USD 99880
RG-T2776-P003 Regional Extractive Sector video interview series RAW Talks UNITED KINGDOM USD 55000
SU-T1081-P001 Surinam Phase 1 Proposal to support the development of a Full Proposal Document to the Adaptation Fund Environmental Resources Management UNITED KINGDOM USD 173000
AR-T1160-P001 Argentina Improving Policing in Argentina UCL-University College of London UNITED KINGDOM USD 43200
RG-K1447-P001 Regional Integrating Climate Risk into economic decision-making frameworks University College London UCL UNITED KINGDOM USD 90000
GY-T1137-P001 Guyana Assessment of Climate Risk and Urban Growth Vivid Economics UNITED KINGDOM USD 297870
RG-T3227-P003 Regional Innovation gap in the energy sector in LAC ERNST &YOUNG S.A.S UNITED KINGDOM USD 150000.00
RG-T2928-P001 Regional Private sector engagement in SLA and develop the business case for Nature Based Solutions (NBS) ACCLIMATISE GROUP LTD UNITED KINGDOM USD 262153
ES-T1286-P001 El Salvador Prevention of Femicide in El Salvador Behavioural Insights Ltd UNITED KINGDOM USD 89500
RG-T2959-P002 Regional NESTA - Consulting Creative Enterprise Programme for LAC NESTA UNITED KINGDOM USD 40068
RG-T2981-P001 Regional Practice-based handbook for the incorporation of CCIs initiatives in urban revitalization projects BOP UNITED KINGDOM USD 50000
TT-T1054-P001 Trinidad y Tobago Implementation Strategy for Centres of Excellence IFM-Educational-and-Consultancy-Services UNITED KINGDOM USD 85700
RG-T2915-P002 Regional Consultoría en Innovación y Competitividad en cadenas de valor en Minería para Brasil NAVAS-ALEMAN & CO LIMITED UNITED KINGDOM USD 60000
RG-T2648-P001 Regional University College London Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science University College London Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science UNITED KINGDOM USD 53004