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Below you will find the list of contracts awarded to consulting firms for services of an intellectual nature and of an advisory nature, contracted with Operations Executed by the Bank.

Selection # Operation Consultancy Firm Name Firm Nationality Currency Amount Signature Date (AAAA-DD-MM)
EC-T1323-P002 Chile Fortalecimiento de Capacidades y Entrenamiento en Análisis Criminal del Ministerio del Interior Fundacion Paz Ciudadana CHILE USD 59930
HA-T1209-P001 Haití HA-T1209 - P001 Tetra Tech UNITED STATES USD 95721.6
ME-T1308-P004 Mexico Desarrollo de Proyectos Ejecutivos de Eficiencia Energética (PE-EE) en Inmuebles de la Administració EVERIS UNITED STATES MXN
BR-T1278-P001 Brasil Elaboração do módulo “Sustentabilidade em Megaeventos” Pistrelli Henry Martin y Asociados S.R.L. ARGENTINA ARS 132028
RG-T2976-P003 Regional Contratación Directa para modelos de gobernanza en materia de gobierno digital Public Digital UNITED KINGDOM USD 28000
ES-T1247-P001 El Salvador Formulación del Plan Maestro para la Gestión Sustentable de las Aguas Lluvias del Área Metropolitana Vielca Ingenieros S.A. SPAIN USD 651537
RG-T2450-P002 Regional Suriname Gender-Based Prevalence Survey - Survey Firm Sistemas Integrales CHILE USD 284324
RG-T2729-P001 Regional Interconexion Electrica Chile-Perú 220kV AF-Mercados EMI y Estudios Energeticos Consultores SPAIN USD 202495
RG-T2566-P001 Regional Diseño y Desarrollo de un Sistema que Proporcione las Capacidades de Mapeo de Brechas de Inversión Datawheel LLC UNITED STATES USD 50000
RG-T2408-P002 Regional Consultancy for the Update to the 2016 Report on the State of Cybersecurity in Latin America and the Organización de los Estados Americanos UNITED STATES USD 200000
BL-T1076-P001 Belice Zoning Ordinance Consultancy Grupo Innovaterra SA GUATEMALA USD 63000
RG-T3049-P001 Regional Extractive Sector Visualizations Assyst UNITED STATES USD 44332
CO-T1356-P001 Colombia Diseñar una propuesta de diseminación, implantación y transferencia de conocimiento de las ETS Instituto de Evaluación Tecnológica en Salud IETS COLOMBIA COP 77865157
HA-T1232-P001 Haití Monitoring and valuation of services provided by ecosystems in southern protected areas of Haiti Creocean / VertigoLab / Génie Conseil FRANCE USD 147134
GY-T1137-P001 Guyana Assessment of Climate Risk and Urban Growth Vivid Economics UNITED KINGDOM USD 297870
CO-T1418-P002 Colombia Metodología Marco Regulatorio Norma Pública MEXICO USD 39953
EC-T1358-P001 Ecuador Apoyo a la Identificación y Desarrollo de Asociaciones Publico Privadas a nivel Sub-Nacional Afi SPAIN USD 352232
ME-T1352-P001 Mexico Apoyo a la Comisión Nacional de Seguridad para el fortalecimiento de la gestión de seguridad CENTRO DE INVESTIGACION Y DOCENCIA ECONOMICAS (CIDE) MEXICO MXN 2980000
RG-X1244-P003 Regional Radar PPP Radar PPP BRAZIL BRL 343000
RG-T2976-P001 Regional Contratación de Firma para paquete de apertura de datos en aticorrupción en México Fund for the City of New York UNITED STATES USD 85000
Selection # Sub-Sector Country Funding Source Title of Consultancy Notice Publication Date (AAAA-DD-MM) Sort descending REOI Deadline (AAAA-DD-MM)
RG-T2551-P003 Modernization & Administ Ofjustice Regional ATN/OC-15621-RG Local Implementing Firm - Jamaica
RG-T2734-P001 Telecommunications Infrastructure Regional ATN/OC-15733-RG Development of a report and a virtual course on ICT, environment and climate change
RG-T3123-P002 Trade Facilitation, Trade Logistics And Customs Regional ATN/KK-16754-RG Smart Ports Toolkit
AR-T1195-P007 Climate Change Adaptation Policy Argentina ATN/OC-16645-AR Support for the Formulation of the Program for Disaster Risk Management in Provinces and Municipalities
RG-T2713-P002 Climate Change Financing Regional ATN/MC-15367-RG Financing Implementation of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions
RG-M1205-P001 Microenterprise Development Regional ATN/ME-12961-RG Execution of The EcoMicro Program Communications Strategy
RG-E1527-P001 Urban Land Planning And Management Regional RG-E1527 Metropolitan Governance and Planning in Latin America: A Path Forward
RG-E1568-P001 Neighborhood Upgrading Regional RG-E1568 Data collection of property values in Favelas served by FBII
PR-T1225-P002 R&D And Innovation Funding Paraguay ATN/KK-15929-PR “Methodology, Institutional Assessment and Investment Master Plan of CONACYT and GRIs (4)”
RG-X1226-P002 Sustainable Cities Regional ATN/NV-14920-RG Propuesta de intervenciones para el mejoramiento urbano integral, Cochabamba, Bolivia
BO-T1249-P001 Climate Change Adaptation Policy Bolivia ATN/OC-14904-BO ACC Integrating Approach in Public Policy Reforms in DRM
ME-T1351-P002 Transparency And Anti-Corruption Mexico ATN/AA-16197-ME Open innovation to combat corruption
RG-T2340-P001 Financing For Environmental Sustainability Regional ATN/FI-14376-RG IFC - Bandex
RG-E1556-P001 Transport Networks Connectivity Regional RG-E1556 Consultoría de apoyo para estudios de caso sobre retos y oportunidades de financiamiento del transpo
RG-E1560-P002 Health System Strengthening Regional RG-E1560 Promoting a Healthcare Efficiency Agenda and Improving the Quality of Care for Chronic Diseases
RG-E1470-P003 Microenterprise Development Regional RG-E1470 Consultoría para el levantamiento de la línea de base para la evaluación de impacto de Start Up Perú
RG-T2788-P001 E-Government Regional ATN/CF-15598-RG Design of a National Cybersecurity Educational Center
RG-T2833-P002 Citizen Safety Regional ATN/OC-15849-RG Consultancy for the preparation of Citizen Security Week event and papers dissemination
AR-T1195-P006 Climate Change Adaptation Policy Argentina ATN/OC-16645-AR Support for the Formulation of the Program for Disaster Risk Management in Provinces and Municipalities
ES-T1268-P001 Sustainable Agricultural Development El Salvador ATN/OC-16517-ES Evaluation of Ecosystem Services in the Coffee Area
RG-T3078-P001 Public Transport (Bus / Train / Cable). Infrastructure And Equipment Regional ATN/AC-16601-RG Renovación tecnológica de la flota de Metroplús (WRI)
RG-K1420-P003 Primary Health Care Regional RG-K1420 Variaciones en la práctica diabetes EPS
RG-E1579-P001 Citizen Safety Regional RG-E1579 The prison population in Central America and the Caribbean: From understanding risk and protective factors to reducing recidivism
RG-K1447-P002 Environmental Management And Governance Regional RG-K1447 Training water supply system modelers in Mendoza in the use of Robust Decision-Making Methods
RG-E1525-P001 Youth At Risk Regional RG-E1525 Espacio Público
PE-T1349-P002 Health System Strengthening Perú ATN/OC-15845-PE Contratación de la firma "Conacción" para un estudio cualitativo.
RG-T2998-P011-T001 Climate Change Financing Regional ATN/MC-15636-RG Improving Climate resilience in Public Private Partnerships in Jamaica
CH-T1162-P004 Sustainable Cities China ATN/OC-15074-CH Implementation of ESCI in two cities, Coquimbo-La Serena and one additional city
CR-T1180-P003 Water Supply Rural And Peri-Urban Costa Rica ATN/OC-16785-CR Support to the Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA) in the implementation of the Potable Water and Sanitation Program (CR-L1024; CR-X1009) and of other Priority Initiatives
RG-K1450-P001 Gender Equality & Womens Empowerment Regional RG-K1450 Levantamiento de Encuesta de Seguimiento de la Evaluación de impacto del Programa
RG-K1384-P001 Environmental Management And Governance Regional RG-K1384 Sustainable Infrastructure Platform
RG-T2345-P001 Neighborhood Upgrading Regional ATN/OC-14054-RG Encuesta a nivel comunitario en favelas de Rio de Janeiro beneficiadas con el programa de mejoramien
RG-T2983-P014 Sustainable Cities Regional ATN/OC-16489-RG Consultoria en Estrategia de Ordenamiento Terrritorial "Plan Triangulo"
RG-T3028-P001 Climate Change Mitigation Policy Regional ATN/OC-16499-AR Visión Energética 2050 ARG
BO-T1290-P001 Sanitation Urban Bolivia ATN/OC-16593-BO Support for the Preparation and Initial Implementation of the Basic Sanitation Program in Bolivia
RG-T2817-P004 Other Regional ATN/OC-15688-RG Strengthening Country Fiduciary Systems
RG-K1462-P004 Poverty Alleviation Regional RG-K1462 Microfinance Opportunities - Promoting Healthy Saving Habits among the Youth
AR-T1166-P001 Transparency And Anti-Corruption Argentina ATN/AA-15799-AR Transparency Policy Project for more effective management
RG-K1447-P001 Environmental Management And Governance Regional RG-K1447 Integrating Climate Risk into economic decision-making frameworks
PE-T1309-P001 Poverty Alleviation Perú ATN/OC-14451-PE “Evaluación de diseño, proceso y resultados de las Plataformas Itinerantes de Acción Social (PIAS)”
RG-T2817-P003 Other Regional ATN/OC-15688-RG Consultancy on FMP Tableau Workbook - reports and support
UR-T1190-P002 Other Uruguay ATN/OC-16632-UR Contratación Empresa Productora Audiovisual
DR-T1178-P001 Other Dominican Republic ATN/OC-16619-DR Action Plan for C & D
PE-T1320-P001 Labor Policy Perú ATN/OC-14819-PE Support to the Reform of the Labor Skills System in Peru
RG-T2537-P003 Road Safety Regional ATN/OC-14593-RG Estudio para la reconversión y renovación de Flota Vehicular en el Area Metropolitana
RG-T2551-P002 Modernization & Administ Ofjustice Regional ATN/OC-15621-RG Local Implementing Firm - Trinidad & Tobago
BK-C1044-P002 Climate Change Financing Regional BK-C1044 Implementing the Climate Change Action Plan
RG-T2551-P001 Modernization & Administ Ofjustice Regional ATN/OC-15621-RG Strengthening data generation for correctional management in the Caribbean