Below you will find the list of contracts awarded to consulting firms for services of an intellectual nature and of an advisory nature, contracted with Operations Executed by the Bank.

Selection # Operation Consultancy title Firm Name Firm Nationality Sort descending Currency Amount Signature Date
RG-T2653-P001 Regional Proceso Institucional de Desarrollo Urbano Orientado al Transporte en Área Metropolitana de San José HR&A Advisors, Inc UNITED STATES USD 62500
RG-T2728-P007 Regional RAND Corporation Resilient Road infrastructure & network RAND Corporation UNITED STATES USD 35000
RG-E1515-P001 Regional Implementing Urban Infrastructure Finance Tools in LAC cities – from Theory to Practice HR&A ADVISORS, INC UNITED STATES USD 57500
RG-T3073-P001 Regional IFPRI - Revisiting Growth Performance of Agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean IFPRI UNITED STATES USD 35659.55
RG-T3267-P001 Regional Design and Implementation of an Electronic Permitting System and One-Stop Shop IOS Partners, Inc UNITED STATES USD 117822
RG-T2896-P008 Regional Diseño de Análisis Robusto para el Sistema de Agua de Quito Stockholm Enviroment Institute (SEI) - US Center UNITED STATES USD 200000.00
RG-T3081-P002 Regional Coastal Data Collection Knowledge Interface and Platform The Natural Capital Project UNITED STATES USD 404937
RG-T2833-P002 Regional Consultancy for the preparation of Citizen Security Week event and papers dissemination Inter-American Dialogue UNITED STATES USD 28248
BO-T1263-P002 Bolivia Apoyo en la Revisión de Proyectos Ejecutivos Arquitectónicos - URD Consultants BO-T1263-P002 - Presentación - URD Consultants UNITED STATES USD 60000
DR-T1157-P001 Dominican Republic Land Alliance Land Alliance UNITED STATES USD 76823
AR-T1204-P002 Argentina Herramienta analítica de datos de inversión pública datawheell UNITED STATES USD 90000.00
RG-T3037-P005 Regional Legal Review of Draft Mining Law James Otto Eligibility UNITED STATES USD 36700
EC-T1369-P001 Ecuador Proyectos piloto sobre la mejora continua de calidad de servicios sociales. Institute for Healthcare Improvement UNITED STATES USD 199599.32
ME-T1308-P004 Mexico Desarrollo de Proyectos Ejecutivos de Eficiencia Energética (PE-EE) en Inmuebles de la Administració EVERIS UNITED STATES MXN
BL-T1076-P002 Belice Wayfinding Plan for Belize City Arnett Muldrow & Associates UNITED STATES USD 80000
RG-T3009-P001 Regional CEO Summit of the Americas - Knowledge Development: Technical Report and White Papers Accenture Development Partnerships UNITED STATES USD 50000
PN-T1219-P001 Panama Estudio sobre medidas de conservación de la cuenca alta The Nature Conservancy UNITED STATES USD 110000.00
RG-T2537-P002 Regional Estimation of Health Impacts of adoption of UN WP-29 Safety Regulations in LAC Universidad de Chicago UNITED STATES USD 135728
RG-T2450-P001 Regional Suriname Gender-Based Violence Prevalence Survey - Expert Implementation Support Global Women's Institute at The George Washington University UNITED STATES USD 68002