Below you will find the list of contracts awarded to consulting firms for services of an intellectual nature and of an advisory nature, contracted with Operations Executed by the Bank.

Selection # Operation Consultancy Firm Name Firm Nationality Currency Amount Signature Date
JA-T1164-P001 Jamaica Technological Foresight Study and Implementation Strategy IfM Educational and Consultancy Services UNITED KINGDOM USD 98400.00
RG-T3342-P002 Regional Information System and Dataset for Current and Potential Maritime Activities MCRIT S.L. SPAIN USD 133560.00
AR-T1235-P001 Argentina Supervisión de Relevamiento de Datos en Campo e Identificación de la Muestra PRODAF Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero ARGENTINA USD 96950
RG-E1700-P003 Regional Citizen responses and perceptions during the COVID-19 pandemic - Barbados Sistemas Integrales CHILE USD 34000
PE-T1430-P001 Perú Consultancy services to support the evaluation of market potential of electric vehicles in PE&EC Logios LLC UNITED STATES USD 65000
BA-T1057-P001 Barbados Wind Consultancy For The Development of The Renewable Energy Wind Sector In Barbados GL Garrad Hassan Ibérica S.L. SPAIN USD 150000
RG-T3231-P002 Regional Extractive Sector Podcast and Video Series for Stakeholder Engagement High Grade Media UNITED KINGDOM USD 40000.00
PN-T1187-P006 Panama Apoyo para el cumplimiento de condiciones previas al primer desembolso del Programa PN-L1154 Grupo von Bargen PARAGUAY USD 15000.00
RG-E1651-P001 Regional Consultoría para la elaboración del proyecto de investigación sobre compras públicas Videnza Consultores S.A.C. PERU USD 85000
UR-T1178-P003 Uruguay Proyecto GuidAI (159761) - IDATHA IDATHA URUGUAY USD 50000.00
RG-T2902-P002 Regional Desarrollo de metodologías para la medición de los principales Riesgos Fiscales República Dominicana IKONS ATN INVERSIONES LIMITADA CHILE USD 28000
DR-T1209-P001 Dominican Republic Estudio de Impacto Ambiental y Social JGP Consultoria e Participações LTDA BRAZIL USD 125360.00
RG-T3496-P001 Regional Company, worker and community health guidance during COVID-19 pandemic in infrastructure project The Terron Group UNITED STATES USD 50000
SU-T1116-P001 Surinam Urban Public Transport Improvement Plan for the city of Paramaribo MCRIT S.L. SPAIN USD 145524.00
RG-E1699-P001 Regional Telephone Survey – Impact Evaluation of the CO-VID19 emergency cash transfer in Peru. Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) UNITED STATES USD 73086.94
RG-T3505-P001 Regional NICSP - Costa Rica ERNST AND YOUNG PANAMA USD 50000.00
RG-T3022-P001 Regional Strategic support for geothermal projects preparation in LAC K&M Advisors UNITED STATES USD 80000.00
ME-T1393-P005 Mexico Simulaciones de procesos de justicia laboral relevantes en la reforma laboral en México Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México MEXICO USD 40000.00
BA-T1059-P001 Barbados Development of an Integrated Master Plan for Walkers Reserve Stantec Consulting Caribbean Ltd. BARBADOS USD 250000.00
RG-T3415-P003 Regional The Intrinsic Value Exchange: Implementing a Novel Funding Mechanism for Conservation and Sustainabl The Intrinsic Value Exchange UNITED STATES USD 100000.00