Below you will find the list of contracts awarded to consulting firms for services of an intellectual nature and of an advisory nature, contracted with Operations Executed by the Bank.

Selection # Operation Sort descending Consultancy Firm Name Firm Nationality Currency Amount Signature Date (AAAA-DD-MM)
GY-T1148-P003 Guyana Production Sharing Agreement Economic Modelling Toolkit Energy Intelligence Group UNITED STATES USD 90000
GY-T1148-P004 Guyana Model Contract Design Stephenson Harwood UNITED KINGDOM USD 40000
GY-T1129-P001 Guyana Consultancy to contribute to the enhancement of the National Quality Infrastructure Guyenterprise, LTD GUYANA USD 25411
GY-T1141-P002 Guyana Technical Services to Establish a Collateral Registry in Guyana IOS Partners, Inc UNITED STATES USD 179544.40
GY-T1152-P002 Guyana Removing Barriers to Growth by Creating Local Opportunities in Value Chains in Guyana in the Context ETG - Economic Transformations Group, Inc. UNITED STATES USD 95000
GY-T1137-P002 Guyana High resolution data collection and training Datatropics UNITED STATES USD 12130
GY-T1137-P001 Guyana Assessment of Climate Risk and Urban Growth Vivid Economics UNITED KINGDOM USD 297870
HA-T1254-P001 Haití Consultancy for the elaboration of the pilot surveys to public officials and strategic inputs for th Sociodigital Research Group, LLC (Sociodig) UNITED STATES USD 54695
HA-T1273-P004 Haití Études pour analyse socioéconomique des conditions d'alimentation des ouvriers du PIC et travaux KB ENGENIERIE HAITI USD 50000
HA-T1232-P001 Haití Monitoring and valuation of services provided by ecosystems in southern protected areas of Haiti Creocean / VertigoLab / Génie Conseil FRANCE USD 147134
HA-T1212-P003 Haití L' élaboration des études détaillées pour la desserte en eau des zones hautes de tunnel 1- Carrefour SAFEGE SAS FRANCE USD 62685
HA-T1239-P001 Haití Groundwater Flow Model for the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac, Haiti NorthWater UNITED STATES USD 120000
HA-T1253-P002 Haití Regional proposal for sludge management Lars Schöbitz GmbH Participating Firm for Regional FSM SWITZERLAND USD 86900.00
HA-T1196-P001 Haití Participatory Design - Limonade WE WORKING FOR ENVIRONMENT S.A. HAITI USD 29696.26
HA-T1273-P001 Haití Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) TETRA TECH QI inc. CANADA USD 243200
HA-T1286-P003 Haití AC&A AC&A URUGUAY USD 27500
HA-T1270-P002 Haití Support to Strengthen Services to Youth of the Public Labor Intermediation Service of Haiti Brighthive UNITED STATES USD 50000
HA-T1232-P003 Haití Appui à la finalisation des documents méthodologiques cadre de l’ANAP pour la gestion des Aires Prot Créocéan FRANCE USD 30702.00
HA-T1232-P002 Haití Elaboration de la strategie nationale de l’anap et de financement durable des aires protegees Vertigo Lab / Créocéan FRANCE USD 48382.8
HA-T1235-P001 Haití Survey Instrument and Data Collection BANJ - Haiti HAITI USD 5850