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Below you will find the list of contracts awarded to consulting firms for services of an intellectual nature and of an advisory nature, contracted with Operations Executed by the Bank.

Selection # Operation Consultancy Sort ascending Firm Name Firm Nationality Currency Amount Signature Date (AAAA-DD-MM)
RG-T2931-P002 Regional Telecom Advisory Services LLC Telecom Advisory Services LLC UNITED STATES USD 150000
RG-T3232-P002 Regional Technopolis - estudio para caracterizar los nuevos mecanismos de sandboxes regulatorios y testbeds TECHNOPOLIS LIMITED UNITED KINGDOM USD 50000
RG-T3322-P005 Regional Technology Service Providers (TSPs) - Technical Audits and Specialized Technical Assistance Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO USD 497100
JA-T1164-P001 Jamaica Technological Foresight Study and Implementation Strategy IfM Educational and Consultancy Services UNITED KINGDOM USD 98400.00
BH-T1064-P001 Bahamas Technical support on renewable energy & energy planning Energynautics GmbH GERMANY USD 447208.6
RG-T3428-P002 Regional Technical Support for the design of the Educación Mesoamérica Initiative LEVOCA IMPACT LABS SPAIN USD 18000.00
HA-T1253-P004 Haití Technical support for the acquisition of the results-based contract for the CTE Cap Haitian HA-T1253-P004 Egis Data FRANCE USD 69015
RG-X1255-P001 Regional Technical Support for Identification, Building Pipeline & Prioritization of Green Climate Fund (GCF) Climate Finance Advisors, Benefit LLC UNITED STATES USD 100000
RG-T2785-P004 Regional Technical study to improve the internet connectivity in Paraguay Networld Consulting SPAIN USD 341000
BH-T1075-P009 Bahamas Technical Studies for the Development of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in The Bahamas (Phase 2) Rocky Mountain Institute UNITED STATES USD 70500
GY-T1141-P002 Guyana Technical Services to Establish a Collateral Registry in Guyana IOS Partners, Inc UNITED STATES USD 179544.40
RG-T3600-P002 Regional Technical Consultancy Public-Private Partnerships related activities Smarteba Desarrollo de Negocios SRL; Radar PPP Ltda.; Profit Bi; PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltda. (PwC Uruguay); Nathan Associates Inc; Louis Berger LAC S de R.L. URUGUAY; BRAZIL; COLOMBIA; URUGUAY; UNITED STATES; PANAMA USD 3545252
RG-T2998-P003 Regional Technical Consultancy for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) related activities Nathan Associates Inc. UNITED STATES USD
RG-T3322-P004 Regional Technical Audits for Manufacturing Firms in Barbados & Trinidad CETMA CHILE USD 38445
RG-T3243-P004 Regional Technical Assistance to Implement the National Competitiveness Agenda of Saint Lucia IfM-Educational-and-Consultancy-Services - UNITED KINGDOM UnITED KINGDOM USD 99100.00
RG-T2537-P001 Regional Technical and Economic Study for the adoption of international regulations for safety and emissions LatinNCAP URUGUAY USD 295000
RG-T2967-P004 Regional Technical advice to identify if the Declaration of Interest (DOI) System of ETH can be shared with S Globant UNITED STATES USD 79000
RG-T2976-P004 Regional Taxonomy of models for data analytics in Government Public Digital UNITED KINGDOM USD 32500
Selection # Sub-Sector Country Funding Source Title of Consultancy Sort ascending Notice Publication Date (AAAA-DD-MM) REOI Deadline (AAAA-DD-MM)
PE-T1439-P001 Health System Strengthening Perú ATN/OC-18051-PE Marco de Arquitectura Empresarial en Salud en Perú
RG-T3352-P006 Integral Management Of Water Resources Regional ATN/OC-17273-RG UPDATE Manejo Integral e Integrado de la Cuenca Hidrográfica del Río Chambo – Ecuador
RG-T3352-P001 Integral Management Of Water Resources Regional ATN/OC-17272-RG Manejo integrado de recursos hídricos en República Dominicana - cuenca hidrográfica del Río Yuna
RG-E1492-P001 Other Regional RG-E1492 Macroconsult
RG-T2714-P003 Banking Market Development Regional ATN/OC-15556-RG LOGYCA
RG-T2551-P002 Modernization & Administ Ofjustice Regional ATN/OC-15621-RG Local Implementing Firm - Trinidad & Tobago
RG-T2551-P005 Modernization & Administ Ofjustice Regional ATN/OC-15621-RG Local Implementing Firm - Suriname
RG-T2551-P003 Modernization & Administ Ofjustice Regional ATN/OC-15621-RG Local Implementing Firm - Jamaica
AR-T1216-P001 Pensions & Social Security Argentina ATN/JF-17279-AR Lineamientos para optimización de los procesos, los sistemas de información y la gobernanza (ANDIS)
ME-T1356-P003 Urban Land Planning And Management Mexico ATN/OC-16447-ME Lineamientos para medir y asegurar que proyectos de interés metropolitano cumplan con su objetivo
RG-T2671-P002 Citizen Safety Perú ATN/OC-15121-RG Liderando Ideas _ Asociación Red Ayni Perú
CH-T1214-P008 Business Climate And Competitiveness Chile ATN/OC-17493-CH Levantamiento, Digitalización e Integración de permisos en la plataforma MIDAS y SUPER
PN-T1186-P001 Logistic Planning, Multimodal Transport And Logistic Platforms Panama ATN/OC-16321-PN Levantamiento y mapeo de los procesos de comercio exterior de Panamá
PR-T1180-P001 Higher Education Paraguay ATN/OC-15012-PR Levantamiento de la línea base de la Evaluación de Impacto de Scholas Paraguy
RG-K1450-P001 Gender Equality & Womens Empowerment Regional RG-K1450 Levantamiento de Encuesta de Seguimiento de la Evaluación de impacto del Programa
RG-T2998-P002 Other Regional Legal consultancy for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) related activities
BH-T1087-P002 MULTISUBSECTOR Bahamas ATN/OC-18583-BH Legal and Financial Structuring of Infrastructure and Growth Investment Platforms (IGIPs)
RG-T2472-P001 Financial Inclusion Regional ATN/AS-14352-RG Latin American and the Caribbean Migrants in the United States
RG-T2675-P001 Coastal Zone Management Regional ATN/MD-15353-RG Knowledge and Innovation: Disaster and Climate-Resilient Coastal Zone Management
RG-E1556-P002 Transport Networks Connectivity Regional RG-E1556 ITF - URBAN ACCESSIBILITY INDICATORS FOR LATIN AMERICA
RG-T2652-P001 Sustainable Cities Regional ATN/OC-15237-RG iPresas Risk Analysis
RG-T2993-P001 Telecommunications Infrastructure Regional ATN/KK-16700-RG Investment strategies for digital infrastructure
RG-T2993-P002 Telecommunications Infrastructure Regional ATN/KK-16700-RG Investment strategies for digital infrastructure
BR-T1331-P001 Labor Intermediation Systems Brasil ATN/OC-15821-BR Investigación sobre cómo los cambios tecnológicos afectan al mercado de trabajo - Univ de Coimbra
EC-T1368-P001 Modernization & Administ Ofjustice Ecuador ATN/OC-16395-EC Interoperabilidad entre las diferentes entidades del sistema de administración de justicia y segurid
RG-X1244-P014 Financing For Environmental Sustainability Regional ATN/CF-15571-RG International Financial Consulting (IFC) Paris note
RG-T2729-P001 Energy Integration Regional ATN/FG-15606-RG Interconexion Electrica Chile-Perú 220kV
RG-T2729-P002 Energy Integration Regional ATN/FG-15606-RG Interconexion Electrica Bolivia Peru
RG-K1447-P001 Environmental Management And Governance Regional RG-K1447 Integrating Climate Risk into economic decision-making frameworks
CR-T1217-P002 Climate Change Mitigation Policy Costa Rica ATN/OC-18128-CR Integrando los principios de descarbonización y sostenibilidad en el SNIP para infraestructura
ES-T1210-P001 Reform And Public Sector Support Sweden ATN/OC-15728-ES Instruction of “Course on Register-based Statistics” and technical assistance to the national stati
PE-T1362-P001 Reform And Public Sector Support Perú ATN/OC-16100-PE Institutional Strengthening of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
RG-T3163-P001 Business Climate And Competitiveness Regional ATN/CO-16694-RG Innovation Performance and Gender (IFPG) Issues in Enterprises in the Caribbean (RG-T3163)
RG-T3227-P003 Energy Integration Regional ATN/OC-16969-RG Innovation gap in the energy sector in LAC
RG-T3536-P001 Regional And Cross-Border Cooperation Regional ATN/OC-17689-RG Infrastructure gap and mapping
RG-T3276-P009 Regional And Cross-Border Cooperation Regional ATN/OC-17070-RG Informalidad en Paraguay: Diagnóstico y Propuesta desde la perspectiva empresarial
RG-T2822-P001 Transparency And Anti-Corruption Colombia ATN/OC-15775-RG Infométrika Consultores en Información.
RG-T2956-P004 Climate Change Mitigation Policy Regional ATN/MC-16262-RG Independent assessment of the framework to Structure the Sovereign green bond of Chile
RG-T2858-P002 Vocational & Technical Education Regional ATN/KP-16004-RG Incorporación de la demanda del sector productivo en la planeación de la oferta formativa
CH-T1168-P001 Urban Transport Infrastructure Chile ATN/OC-15616-CH Incorporación Componentes al Plan Regulador Comunal Los Angeles, Chile
RG-T2724-P002 Capital Market Development Regional ATN/OC-15604-RG INBONIS S.A
RG-T2983-P005 Sustainable Cities Regional ATN/OC-16489-RG In-Formal Form Based Code: Herramienta para Regular, Anticipar y Simular el Crecimiento del Barrio 3
RG-T3250-P001 Telecommunications Infrastructure Regional ATN/KK-17018-RG Improving the central America-Korea connectivity
RG-T2998-P011-T001 Climate Change Financing Regional ATN/MC-15636-RG Improving Climate resilience in Public Private Partnerships in Jamaica
RG-E1515-P001 Sustainable Cities Regional RG-E1515 Implementing Urban Infrastructure Finance Tools in LAC cities – from Theory to Practice
BK-C1044-P002 Climate Change Financing Regional BK-C1044 Implementing the Climate Change Action Plan
BK-C1044-P001 Climate Change Financing Regional BK-C1044 Implementing the Climate Change Action Plan
TT-T1054-P001 Business Climate And Competitiveness Trinidad y Tobago ATN/OC-15021-TT Implementation Strategy for Centres of Excellence
HA-T1209-P001 Adult Education & Lifelong Learning Haití ATN/OC-14998-HA Implementation of the recommendations of the Cumulative Impact Assessment Study of Regional Development in the Cap-Haïtien Urban Corridor
PE-T1346-P001 Sustainable Cities Perú ATN/SS-15423-PE Implementation of the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative (ESCI) -Cusco