Below you will find the list of contracts awarded to consulting firms for services of an intellectual nature and of an advisory nature, contracted with Operations Executed by the Bank.

Selection # Operation Sort descending Consultancy Firm Name Firm Nationality Currency Amount Signature Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
RG-T3133-P002 Regional Probabilistic Disaster Risk Assessment ITEC COLOMBIA USD 120000
RG-T3227-P003 Regional Innovation gap in the energy sector in LAC ERNST &YOUNG S.A.S UNITED KINGDOM USD 150000.00
RG-T2759-P001 Regional RiskMonitor Ambenti SRL DOMINICAN REPUBLIC USD 20800
RG-T2720-P010 Regional Fundación Torcuato Di Tella ITDT Fundacion Torcuato di Tella ARGENTINA USD 59092.5
RG-E1515-P001 Regional Implementing Urban Infrastructure Finance Tools in LAC cities – from Theory to Practice HR&A ADVISORS, INC UNITED STATES USD 57500
RG-T3193-P001 Regional Managing national- and local-level labor impacts of phasing out coal power plants in Chile EcoFuture LLC UNITED STATES USD 25000.00
RG-T3342-P002 Regional Information System and Dataset for Current and Potential Maritime Activities MCRIT S.L. SPAIN USD 133560.00
RG-T3217-P002 Regional Diseño de un Plan de Marketing Turístico Digital y Desarrollo de un Sitio WEB para el CMJ Iber-Geo Consulting S.L. SPAIN USD 250440.00
RG-T3078-P010 Regional Diseños de modelo de negocio y mecanismo de financiación para buses eléctricos en San Jose, CR Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE) SWITZERLAND USD 84850.00
RG-X1244-P019 Regional Consultancy Services for Providing an independent Second Party Opinion on Banco do Brasil SDG-aligne Sustainalytics US, Inc UNITED STATES USD 23500.00
RG-T3008-P003 Regional Análisis del funcionamiento del SIGED de la provincia de Córdoba (Argentina) FUNDACAO GETULIO VARGAS BRAZIL USD 18000.00
RG-T2788-P005 Regional Assess the Cybersecurity Risk Readiness of Latin American Electric Companies SCADASUDO LTD ISRAEL USD 97080.00
RG-E1615-P001 Regional Estudio sobre el impacto de cambios en pol. púb. sobre el cumpl. de pago del imp. predial en Bolivia Universidad Privada Boliviana BOLIVIA USD 15000
RG-T2352-P002 Regional Estudio Inversiones EDEs de República Dominicana AF - Mercados EM SPAIN USD 26530
RG-T3011-P001 Regional Review best practices and perform pilot project design and draw implementation plan Apur, Ville de Paris FRANCE USD 125051
RG-T3594-P001 Regional Development and Implementation of Toolkit for Skill Certification for Youth in LAC I-scream Media Co., Ltd. REPUBLIC OF KOREA USD 410000
RG-X1067-P011 Regional Auditoria de Estados Financieros de Propósito Especial BID Lab 2019 PriceWaterhouseCoopers EL SALVADOR USD 88000
RG-E1655-P001 Regional Survey experiment with vignettes: Attitudes and formation of belief toward natural resources RTI International UNITED STATES USD 78000
RG-T3123-P005 Regional Smart Ports Toolkit Phase 3 Fundacion Valenciaport SPAIN USD 85000