Below you will find the list of contracts awarded to consulting firms for services of an intellectual nature and of an advisory nature, contracted with Operations Executed by the Bank.

Selection # Operation Consultancy Sort descending Firm Name Firm Nationality Currency Amount Signature Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
RG-T2632-P001 Regional Support for Improvement of Bus Operations in the LAC Korean society of Transportation REPUBLIC OF KOREA USD 100000
PN-T1125-P001 Panama Support for Reform and Modernization Sector Program and IDAAN AFRA PANAMA USD 3500
BR-T1389-P002 Brasil Support for the behavioral sciences agenda in Brazil and other LAC countries FUNDACAO GETULIO VARGAS BRAZIL USD 20000.00
CH-T1197-P001 Chile Support for the Consolidation of the Strategic Investment Fund MAGNET S.P.A. CHILE CLP 47206019
AR-T1195-P007 Argentina Support for the Formulation of the Program for Disaster Risk Management in Provinces and Municipalities Environmental Resources Management (ERM) UNITED STATES USD 98000
AR-T1195-P006 Argentina Support for the Formulation of the Program for Disaster Risk Management in Provinces and Municipalities MBC MORI ARGENTINA USD 51459
BK-C1963-P002 Regional Support for the IDB Disability Agenda Development Fundacion CERMI MUJERES SPAIN USD 39999.93
BO-T1290-P001 Bolivia Support for the Preparation and Initial Implementation of the Basic Sanitation Program in Bolivia CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GMBH GERMANY BOB 1212843
SU-T1105-P002 Surinam Support in prepartion of operation SU-L1057 Grupo Von Bargen S.R.L PARAGUAY USD 40680
PN-T1187-P001 Panama Support Integral Urban Development of Intermediary Cities in Panama Ipsos Panamá PANAMA USD 22950
UR-T1182-P002 Uruguay Support Systemic diagnosis of the Uruguayan agrifood and biotechnology innovation system Wageningen University NETHERLANDS EUR 27860.00
BO-T1303-P002 Bolivia Support the Development of the Ciudad Mujer Initiative (CM) Rodriguez Baudoin BOLIVIA BOB 139188.86
SU-T1077-P002 Surinam Support the elaboration of the Electricity Sector Plan 2017-2022 Sustainable Technical Solutions (SUTESO) SURINAME USD 65000
BO-T1281-P002 Bolivia Support the implementation of a new hospital management model Antares Consulting SPAIN USD 99500
BH-T1052-P001 Bahamas Support to Climate-Resilient Tourism Development in San Salvador Factor & IH Cantabria (consortium) SPAIN USD 180450
BK-C2014-P001 Regional Support to Initiatives and Innovation in the Social Sector IPSOS Public Affairs, LLC UNITED STATES USD 26000
RG-T2737-P001 Regional Support to the analogue switch off in Central-America Evolve Consulting REPUBLIC OF KOREA USD 390000
RG-T2836-P002 Regional Support to the design of the Early Planning Fund The Nature Conservancy UNITED STATES USD 249900
RG-T2788-P002 Regional Support to the Implementation of Paraguay’s National Cybersecurity Strategy CyGov ISRAEL USD 109000
ME-T1356-P001 Mexico Support to the Implementation of the General Law on Human Settlements, Land Management, and Urban Development (LGAHOTDU) UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTONOMA DE MÉXICO MEXICO USD 350000