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Below you will find the list of contracts awarded to consulting firms for services of an intellectual nature and of an advisory nature, contracted with Operations Executed by the Bank.

Selection # Operation Consultancy Sort ascending Firm Name Firm Nationality Currency Amount Signature Date (AAAA-DD-MM)
RG-T3115-P006 Regional “Plataforma de Gestión del Agua en la Agricultura 2030-2050” Instituto de investigaciones Agropecuarias - INIA CHILE USD 30000
PR-T1225-P002 Paraguay “Methodology, Institutional Assessment and Investment Master Plan of CONACYT and GRIs (4)” Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) REPUBLIC OF KOREA USD 160000
PE-T1309-P002 Perú “Levantamiento de información para la línea de base del Plan para la prevención de la anemia en dist MACROCONSULT SA PERU PEN 388920
PE-T1309-P001 Perú “Evaluación de diseño, proceso y resultados de las Plataformas Itinerantes de Acción Social (PIAS)” CCPM Grupo Consultor PERU PEN 161419.28
HO-T1322-P002 Honduras “Convocatoria Naranja Segunda Edición” Asociación Alterna ONG GUATEMALA USD 212808.64
PE-T1349-P003 Perú “Apoyo para la elaboración del estudio de pre inversión del Programa de Inversión Pública: Programa TRAS100D CONSULTORIA SAC PERU USD 33000
BL-T1076-P001 Belice Zoning Ordinance Consultancy Grupo Innovaterra SA GUATEMALA USD 63000
RG-T3053-P003 Regional ZHAW - Consultoria Supervisión Proyecto de Convergencia a (NICSP) del Ministerio de Finanzas Ecuador Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) SWITZERLAND USD 24460
RG-T3078-P009 Regional WRI Renovación tecnológica de la flota de Metroplús Medellin WRI México Centro de Transporte Sustentable de México A.C. MEXICO USD 83247.00
RG-T3078-P014 Regional WRI México análisis de implementación de flota eléctrica en la Línea 5 de TRANSMETRO Guatemala. World Resources Institute UNITED STATES USD 34815
RG-T3371-P001 Regional World Justice Project World Justice Project (WJP) UNITED STATES USD 150000.00
BA-T1057-P001 Barbados Wind Consultancy For The Development of The Renewable Energy Wind Sector In Barbados GL Garrad Hassan Ibérica S.L. SPAIN USD 150000
RG-T3450-P005 Regional White paper on AI Regulation in Latin America and the Caribbean UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose UNITED KINGDOM USD 20000
RG-E1648-P001 Regional Web Scraping, Data Collection and Dataset Consolidation for estimating the levels of electricity Executamos Consultoria BRAZIL USD 19430
BL-T1076-P002 Belice Wayfinding Plan for Belize City Arnett Muldrow & Associates UNITED STATES USD 80000
RG-T3410-P003 Regional Water Environment Federation (Tambourine) Tambourine Innovation Ventures UNITED STATES USD 40000.00
JA-T1182-P001 Jamaica Waste Characterization Consultancy Hydroconseil FRANCE USD 168655
RG-T3028-P001 Regional Visión Energética 2050 ARG AVINA ARGENTINA USD 59800
CH-T1252-P002 Chile Visibilización y comunicación del Plan de acción de la Iniciativa de Paridad de Género en Chile 2021 AGENCIA COLECTIVO 91 SPA CHILE CLP 11900000
Selection # Sub-Sector Country Funding Source Title of Consultancy Sort ascending Notice Publication Date (AAAA-DD-MM) REOI Deadline (AAAA-DD-MM)
PR-T1225-P002 R&D And Innovation Funding Paraguay ATN/KK-15929-PR “Methodology, Institutional Assessment and Investment Master Plan of CONACYT and GRIs (4)”
PE-T1309-P002 Poverty Alleviation Perú ATN/OC-14451-PE “Levantamiento de información para la línea de base del Plan para la prevención de la anemia en dist
PE-T1309-P001 Poverty Alleviation Perú ATN/OC-14451-PE “Evaluación de diseño, proceso y resultados de las Plataformas Itinerantes de Acción Social (PIAS)”
JA-T1182-P001 Solid Waste Jamaica ATN/JF-18269-JA Waste Characterization Consultancy
RG-T3028-P001 Climate Change Mitigation Policy Regional ATN/OC-16499-AR Visión Energética 2050 ARG
RG-K1420-P003 Primary Health Care Regional RG-K1420 Variaciones en la práctica diabetes EPS
CO-T1432-P001 Advanced Human Capital Colombia ATN/OC-15920-CO Valoración del Portafolio de los Activos de la Nación en Empresas Estatales y sistema de monitoreo, evaluación y control
RG-E1569-P001 Public Policy In Telecommunications Regional RG-E1569 Valoración de la Privacidad en la Cuarta Revolución Industrial
RG-K1462-P002 Poverty Alleviation Regional RG-K1462 USKAY - Financial Education for High School Students in Peru
CH-T1222-P001 Financial Inclusion Chile ATN/KK-17731-CH Usages of 5G in strategic sectors
RG-T2748-P009 Sustainable Cities Regional ATN/OC-15644-RG Urbanismo táctico en Ríonegro y Montería
SU-T1116-P001 Urban Transport Infrastructure Surinam ATN/OC-17446-SU Urban Public Transport Improvement Plan for the city of Paramaribo
SU-T1080-P001 Urban Rehabilitation And Heritage Surinam ATN/OC-15863-SU Urban Participatory Design for the Waterfront of Paramaribo
RG-T2728-P004 Climate Change Financing United States of America ATN/MC-15636-RG University of Maryland
RG-T3081-P003 Coastal Zone Management Regional ATN/OC-16455-RG UNIANDES - Measuring Economic Benefits of Coastal Restoration
RG-T2516-P002 Citizen Safety Regional ATN/OC-14729-RG Understanding Citizens Demand Through Survey Experiments
RG-T3704-P004 Health System Strengthening Regional ATN/KP-18135-RG Typology of digital response systems during and after public health emergencies
RG-T3786-P001 Gender Equality & Womens Empowerment Regional ATN/OC-18336-RG Trata de Personas en LAC
AR-T1166-P001 Transparency And Anti-Corruption Argentina ATN/AA-15799-AR Transparency Policy Project for more effective management
RG-T2998-P008 Other Regional ATN/OC-16388-RG Transparency and Integrity in PPP vehicles_Miller and Chevallier
BR-T1394-P001 Urban Land Planning And Management Brasil ATN/TC-17149-BR Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) System analysis
RG-K1447-P002 Environmental Management And Governance Regional RG-K1447 Training water supply system modelers in Mendoza in the use of Robust Decision-Making Methods
TT-T1096-P001 Reform And Public Sector Support Trinidad y Tobago ATN/CO-17725-TT Training for Personnel and Assessors in ISO/IEC 17011, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189
RG-T2900-P001 Agricultural Technology Adoption Regional ATN/CN-15818-RG Training and Dialogue Program for Hydrocarbon Regulators
RG-E1574-P001 National Statistics Systems And Censuses Regional ATN/OC-16836-JA The Value of Statistics: an Empirical Approach
BR-T1322-P001 Secondary Education Brasil ATN/OC-15247-BR The Role of Education for youth affected by violence and other risks
RG-E1579-P001 Citizen Safety Regional RG-E1579 The prison population in Central America and the Caribbean: From understanding risk and protective factors to reducing recidivism
RG-E1550-P001 ICT (Information And Communications Technology) Regional RG-E1550 Texas Transport Inst. :Estimating the benefits of technology adoption for supply chain performance
JA-T1164-P001 R&D And Innovation Funding Jamaica ATN/CO-17246-JA Technological Foresight Study and Implementation Strategy
BH-T1064-P001 Energy Institutional Strengthening And Capacity Building Bahamas ATN/OC-16967-BH Technical support on renewable energy & energy planning
RG-T2785-P004 Telecommunications Infrastructure Regional ATN/KK-16057-RG Technical study to improve the internet connectivity in Paraguay
GY-T1141-P002 Small And Medium Enterprise Guyana ATN/CO-16195-GY Technical Services to Establish a Collateral Registry in Guyana
RG-T3671-P003 Environmental Management And Governance Regional ATN/OC-18331-RG Technical guidance for BES positive finance tracking and taxonomy
RG-T3600-P002 Other Regional ATN/OC-17970-RG Technical Consultancy Public-Private Partnerships related activities
RG-T2998-P003 Other Regional Technical Consultancy for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) related activities
RG-T3322-P003 R&D And Innovation Funding Regional Technical Audits and Specialized Technical Assistance
RG-T3243-P001 Business Climate And Competitiveness Regional ATN/CO-16753-RG Technical Assistance to Develop a National Competitiveness Agenda for Saint Lucia
CH-T1235-P002 Low-Carbon Energy Technologies Chile ATN/JF-18347-CH Technical and regulatory feasibility assessment for blending hydrogen into existing gas transport
SU-T1107-P003 R&D And Innovation Funding Surinam ATN/CO-16852-SU Technical Advisory Services for Poultry Sector Expansion & Local Content Increase in Suriname
SU-T1107-P002 R&D And Innovation Funding Surinam ATN/CO-16852-SU Technical Advisory Services for Increasing Local Content of Agricultural Produce in Suriname
SU-T1102-P001 Water Supply Urban Surinam ATN/OC-16778-SU SWM Institutional Strenghtening Plan - Management and Operations Audit of SWM
RG-K1384-P001 Environmental Management And Governance Regional RG-K1384 Sustainable Infrastructure Platform
RG-K1384-P002 Environmental Management And Governance Regional RG-K1384 Sustainable Infrastructure Platform
RG-T2960-P004 Climate Change Financing Regional ATN/MC-16236-RG Suriname: Alignment between the country’s INDC and recent national plans and strategies
RG-T2450-P002 Gender Equality & Womens Empowerment Regional ATN/OC-14725-RG Suriname Gender-Based Prevalence Survey - Survey Firm
BR-T1448-P001 Integral Management Of Water Resources Brasil ATN/OC-18218-BR UPDATE Supporting Implementation of key activities of the Water Resources Management Plan, PRH-Paraguay
PE-T1320-P001 Labor Policy Perú ATN/OC-14819-PE Support to the Reform of the Labor Skills System in Peru
ME-T1352-P003 Modernization & Administ Ofjustice Mexico ATN/OC-16390-ME Support to the National Security Commission for the Strengthening of Security Management